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1. in tabletop gaming, a small annoying monster that does little more than irritate
2. in LRP a particularly vicious and nasty hostile creature
3. in LRP a powerful or useful item used against players
4. an unpleasant experience (usually referred to as being gribbled)
I just got eaten by a gribbly...
by MrWabbit July 10, 2006
In gaming, an enemy/monster that is small and/or insignificant, and usually serves no purpose other than to irritate the gamer/opponent. Generally associated with small and repulsive creatures in scifi and fantasy games.
My ogres killed a whole bunch of that type of gribbly in the Outer Keep.
by Sane Jack July 07, 2006
Invertebrate, bug or creepy-crawly
He found a gribbly in the garden.
by gorgeouslystupid May 25, 2008
someone unclean, tramp-like
"you dirty, dirty gribbly"

"gribbly c*nt!"
by dirtygribbly November 15, 2006
A real word that isn't made up at all. Greebo (which is a real word as well)
Rob is not a gribbly, but immie used to be when she listened to hawthorne heights.
by immie and rob October 04, 2008
1. A Texture of a number of raised hemispheres on an object's surface. The opposite to that of a golf ball.
2. A type of biscuit made with this texture.
That golf ball left a gribbly pattern in my forehead.

Can I have another one of those gribbly biscuits please.
by Paul J Brooks October 02, 2003
1. Disagreeable and grey, esp. of architecture.
2. Frumpish.
1. Must we move to Lewisham? It's so gribbly there.
2. "What?" asked Boris, amazed. "You want me to boff Ann Widdecombe? But she's so gribbly!"
by Sklooby March 16, 2008

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