Top Definition
Long Range Pimping.
"I ain't even gotta leave the crib to have that trick do her work. I'm LRP in this bitch."
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area July 22, 2008
LRP stands for Long Range Pimpin. It means you have hos not just in your city, but in long range.
According to E-40, in a song featuring Passion, "Baller's Lady" he has a bar "Long Range Pimpin, L-R-P's//got em over here, got em overseas"
by Ricky Kwok August 17, 2006
Literary Role Play

When two or more people each control a one (sometimes more) character and take turns writing for their character. Creating a story. Often confused with D&D. And labeled as a nerd/dork thing.
"I like LRP in fantasy settings."
"Me, too."
"We should partner!"
by Chickidee March 09, 2014
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