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A derogatory term for a bureaucrat or other order-obsessed person. This word is used almost exclusively by practitioners of the Discordian religion.
I almost made it back out but this fucking greyface had to stop me and ask what I was doing goose-stepping naked around the cafeteria at four in the morning.
by Eris June 22, 2003
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A grey face is a person, who is confident in just fulfilling the typical ideas of being a member of society. Working, consuming, not questioning anything.
People which adopt the ideas, believes and so on they are told to believe.
similar to a tool
spawns from discordianism
"We must support the Bush administration!"
"Because they need us to be patriotic, no matter what it will cost us..."
"Fu*king Grey face!"
by Terrick November 03, 2007
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v. When a Homestuck cosplayer paints or colours themselves grey for a troll costume.

n. A troll cosplay/ makeup can be referred to as a 'greyface.'
1. "I was thinking of putting on my Karkat costume for the meetup, but it's going to take way too long to greyface. I think I'll just Dave instead."

2. "Once I put on my greyface at school and I got in so much trouble, but I wasn't even wearing a wig or anything."
by BluhBluhHugeWitch January 15, 2013
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Anon asks on Tumblr, named as such due to the grey face icon that appears next to the ask message. Is generally value-neutral, but some Tumblr users use it strictly in a more pejorative term with regard to anon hate mail.
Anon: "Your blog is so stupid. Do the world a favour and kill yourself."

Tumblr User: "You're so cute, greyface - thinking that your hate mail could possibly upset me."
by Tumblrina December 29, 2013
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