a fugly she-beast who likes to cock block for her hot friends
By your wingman a beer cuz he will fall on the grenade for you!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
A BIG girl who looks about ready to bust some buttons around the waist. Usually not the girl you want to hook up with or be around during parties.
"hey did you hear who that tool made out with last night?" - guy
"Yea haha I heard he made out with the grenade in the bathroom!" - girl
"damn that's grossss!" - guy
by srirachagotulaiddd April 18, 2010
A drink which contains jagermeister, tequila and red bull. It works by filling a glass with red bull and then placing two shot glasses inside, however they will not go inside the red bull as the two shot glasses support each other. Then you pull out the tequila shot (as if it is a grenade) and then the jagermeister falls into the red bull which you then down.
Ben: drinking slowly
Me: dude the grenade is going to go off, drink faster
by Steve_111 February 17, 2008
The act of farting under cover, (many times) or blanket and releasing it on an unsuspecting victim.
I waited for my mom to come home, and right before she got into bed, I pulled a grenade and ran away. She came back screaming, "you nasty mother-fucker!"
by LateNightIdiots June 04, 2010
A fat man with a small dick(pin) which, wen pulled, will explode.
1:look at that fatty
2: yeah, i bet he's a grenade
by Forbidenred July 10, 2008
A sexual action when one grabs and then bites ones nipple, then they rip it off like they just bulled the key out of a grenade.
Yeah i gave here a grenade.

Have you done the grenade yet?
by tylertreason June 26, 2007
Describes something that is the best and/or kicks some serious ass.
Replacing the dead phrase Da Bomb.
Scoot:That girls ass is sooooo grenades!

Brian: Yea, I would love to pee in her butt
by Eric D. March 16, 2005
This is my word

(Cromie is Grenades!!!)

Skeet Skeeter only pounds chicks that are Grenades!!!

this is a One*6* approved Word (and is a copy right of Cromie ent.)
This new word Grenades is simply Grenades!!!
by mike Cromie March 17, 2005

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