A grenade is a cockblocker who is hating on a player. Grenade usually is addressed as being female. A female who is a cockblocker hating on a player. A player hatress
the woman may choose to be a grenade for various reasons. Typically a girl who is unhappy and would destroy chances of her friends getting laid. I have experienced some grenade cockblockers desroy possible chances of getting laid because they couldn't get any play and they wanted everyone else not to also. this type could be a good sport and let everyone else get laid however when and if they are fat and unhealthy they cannot do the right thing by not destroying everyone elses chances. I suggest you find a wingman to cover the grenade. a wingman like a man saving his troop from blowing up may cover the grenade by keeping her distracted while the players can spit their game so they can get what they want from the other women.
by Clinton Ziza Smith May 11, 2006
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The solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties. If the grenade doesn't get any action, then neither does anyone else.
"Come on man, take one for the team and jump the grenade"
by Amaris August 29, 2003
The ugliest girl in a group of girls that are out. Her friends will not even think of leaving her unless they know she is getting action herself. Therefore, someone in your group of friends sacrifies himself by hooking up with the grenade in order for the rest to have a chance of having sex with the hot girls. More often than not, the grenade jumper gets laid and the rest end up jacking off.
It is good and honorable to jump on the grenade in order to save the platoon. Plus, you will probably get laid while the rest will not.
by TUDE August 07, 2006
an ugly girl that is jumped on for the sake of your friends. Similar to the times of war when the enemy tosses a grenade over the lines and a comrade jumps on it to ensure teh safety of others.
You owe me dude, i jumped on teh grenade last time!!!
by pmcdon1 May 18, 2005
A group of ugly, fat, pale, repulsive, and/or slovenly females.

The term "grenade" was coined by The Situation on MTV's infamous show, The Jersey Shore
"Hey dude, call up that fat chick you've been banging. Tell her to bring her friends."

"Sure thing bro. I guess you wanna dive on some grenades tonight too, huh?"
by Big Freeze UFL January 31, 2010
a fat, butt-ugly bitch found hanging out with hot chicks in a bar and if this monster doesn't get some dick, none of her hot friends do, either
Okay, Joe, you see that group of girls over there? It's your turn to fall on the grenade.
by Nate June 04, 2003
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