When a person is talking and you know they are bullshitting about what they are saying.
Man he is Greggin like a bitch
by DCD89 January 27, 2011
Top Definition
1. v. To skip out on previously made plans and completely ignore commuication.

2. adj. A person who frequently plans things and does not show up, or never answers calls, emails, etc.
"Josh planned out this movie night but he hasn't even shown up, and he won't answer my calls! Yeah, he's greggin'."
by Jonesinpants January 23, 2009
The process of extending one's name with "in", adding it to a vanity license place, and, therefore, becoming a complete douche.
Greg's new license plate is "Greggin." What a douche.
by Daughterkickedmydog April 12, 2010
1. extremely large hole.
2. gaping
Tony's asshole was greggin after going to confessions with father chapholte.

The hole was greggin.. like throwin a hotdog down a hallway.
by thebombdizzle April 26, 2007
The act of being late when meeting a group of people for an event, either due to outside circumstances or personal laziness.
"Don was supposed to hit the road at 9, but he's Greggin it"
by Oniwana December 14, 2009
the act of lying bolefacely infront of ones friends. especially about getting with girls from school *coughlawrenceprepcough*.
"yo dolla, i went to Kr*sten's house last night and we was gettin it on."

"kr*sten G*****s? stokes ur 'greggin', there's no way u got with that trick"
by Dolla hustla November 18, 2007
going out drinking/socialising with friends

Greg is a drink. It is also used to describe a person that is drinking the drink.

gregged someone that has drunk too much
Are you greggin it tonight?

Do you want a Greg?

Greg You were so gregged last night? How much did you have to greg
by Greggina April 06, 2009
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