a sexy word, often used by women named olga. can mean many things, whatever you want, often sexual and provocative, even when used as a greeeting!
i want to fuck you in the greets, hard.

dayum baby where you get that greets

by shoesypattoooot March 21, 2010
Top Definition
N/E scottish, verb for cry.
dinna ye greet er i´ll slap yer airse!!
át bam´s aye greetin´ like a bairn!
by bamstick August 30, 2005
a shortening of greetings, used to greet someone (duh)
Greets! How's life?
by Rakeri August 10, 2003
A 'Greet' is a limp wristed granny lover who enjoys nothing better than licking the syphlitic drippings of flea infested dogs cocks.
look at that he must be a 'greet', the dude is craking open that scabed up old ladies punnai with ulcer ridden custard cannon..
by reidy pops March 04, 2004
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