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- Pronoun - Location - : The Green Zone is the area immediately around the Republican Palace in Central Baghdad where security is very tight and all occupants are screened for entry. This is the only place in the city where Westerners, (i.e. UK and the USA), can walk about the town unarmed and in relative safety from assassination, kidnapping, and car bombs.

This location has been the single most common usage of the term "Green Zone" since 2003. Before that, (and #2 today), it's common application referred to certain areas of International Airports. Although the official designation has been "International Zone" since June 2004, neither the media, internet, nor the occupants call it by anything other than "Green Zone".
I'm going to the cafe in the Green Zone tonight to get me some poonanny.

by --TBAS February 08, 2006
Safe public bathroom for emergency number 2s.
After eating 9 hard boiled eggs, I was in desperate need of a green zone at the mall.
by Scot makes brown February 01, 2006
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