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Gaara of the Sand's more comical alias. Though it is fanmade, Gaara of the Funk has become popular, mostly on the internet. One can assume that it comes from his red afro like hair. The Naruto Abridged Series on youtube features Gaara in funk-form. Gaara is a character from the Naruto series.
Gaara of the Funk Quotes:
"Funk Coffin!"
"You don't respect the funk... for that, I will kill you!"
"If you want to pass through here alive, you'll have to beat me.. in DDR!"
by Otterdude November 13, 2007
The Green Hill Zone is the most well known zone from the Sonic series. It is also a popular fan site. The GHZ is probably most assosiated as Sonic's home, probably because it is where his adventure begins in the very first game. The GHZ was resurrected as the Neo Green Hill Zone in Sonic Advance 1. It also has been in many fan games, fan comics, fan fictions, and basically almost everything else fanmade.
"I got the Chaos Emerald at the Green Hill Zone."

"One might call the Green Hill Zone a 'classic'"
by Otterdude November 13, 2007
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