1. A term coined by herbologists to describe someone who posseses superior plant-handling skills. 2. Used to describe soeone that didn't fully have sex with a female, but merely masterbated, and yet still got her pregnant.
1. "Wow. Look at my garden! It's teeming with life!" "Yep. You must have a Green Thumb or something."
2. "So wait. She told you she was pregnant? I thought you said you DID'NT have sex with her?" "Yes Chris. I got her pregnant. Cuz...yaknow...I got that green thumb!"
by Curly Mo June 10, 2008
One who has just eaten a bean sandwich and has to take a massive diarrhea dump but just can't quite make it so one makes a spontaneous decision to stick your thumb up your ass. Works better if shit is green.
Hey jeff! I could not quite hold it so i decided to green thumb it.
by Eugenio B. December 28, 2007
when you are doing a girl from behind, and you about to ejaculate, you stab her in the back with a gardening spade.
Dude 1: "I think I am going to plant a garden for my girlfriend for our anniversary"
Dude 2: "Don't be such a pansy. Give her the green thumb"
by Theodis Bergstein June 20, 2006
a big joint the size of a thumb.
dude i just rolled a joint its a fucking green thumb
by dahimself May 18, 2007
using one's thumb as a "butt plug"
I gave that chick a green thumb. She loved it.
by Jevus November 09, 2005

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