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To smoke too much marijuana over a long period of time, or too much in a short, quick period, and vomiting; To become completely, and utterly fucked. Everything goes spinny, you feel dizzy and tingly, and eventually yak, and pass out.
Johnny: Bro, danny just yaked, do you think he's gunna Green-Out?
Danny: Yo, slow down, i need to lie down man..
Rick: No man, you gotta stay awake.
*Danny passes out*
by Thunderpuffs August 26, 2008
Someone who obviously isn't as tough as nails. Someone who is known to have greened out is often refered to as.. soft, pussy, or faggot. People often create Twitter hashtags or chirp the living shit out of the one toke pussies who consider themselves to be as "tough as nails"
Randy: "Hey Daryl! I just packed a huge bowl, Wanna toke?"
Daryl: "Yeah man! (Takes a toke)"
Randy: "Hey Daryl you ain't looking to good. I though you said that you only had one toke?"
Daryl: "I did only have one toke.. oh shit.. (Pukes)"
Randy: "Dude you greenout after one toke! Your as soft as puppy shit!"
by HackADart86 January 16, 2013
green out is to high as blackout is to drunk
I was so high last night, I think i may have been green out.
by ohemgeeeeee April 10, 2011
When you get so stoned out of your face, your face turns
green and are at the point you are going to puke.
O man look at murph, he is going to green out!
by kyle brake May 08, 2008