a old term for british Rap Metal and indie dance in the 80's, used by indie Dance Rockers PWEI and The Gaye Bykers On Acid.
Songs that mention grebo by Pop Will Eat Itself:
Oh Grebo I Think I love You
Grebo Guru
by KamikazeDeadboy January 23, 2006
When first coined in the late '60s, the term grebo was applied to young rocker-type men who
(a) let their hair grow out (not necessarily long, just out),
(b) possibly left themselves unshaven, and
(c) listened to rock music.
It was applied to biker-types rather than hippies. The term was vaguely derogatory, but not directly insulting.
- Look at'cha! God, mate, you're such a grebo!
- Thaaat's right. If it's good enough for Paul Kossoff, it's good enough for me.
by Grimbletwocker June 03, 2010
1. another word for punk, goth, rocker ect..
2. better class of people than chavs
3. An asshole administrator from the green day authority chat.
1. the electric guitars in this song rule \../(+.+)\../
2. dirty fuckin retarded chavs
3. oh no, its grebo =(
by daniel grebo April 01, 2006
A biker that owns a harly moterbike and has a long bushey beard, wears leather overalls and goes to biker pubs.

chav point of view: anyone who has long hair and/or wears a black hoody with the word- slipknot, korn, nirvana. on it
Chav: get away from me you filthy fucking grebo
Skater: a grebo is a biker
by Matthew Gallagher May 25, 2005
what myspace is full of
have you ever seen a grebo before? they're like all non chavvy
by joe26257 November 02, 2007
grebos r ppl r clased by wat they wear and wat music thay listen 2 eg. black bagey clothing,put up whith chaves and townies shouting abuse at them like "u stupid grebos we'll get ya"then runing and hiding,listen 2 desent music like trivium,metalica and bulet for my valintine.dnt folow most fashions unlike chaves and just dnt care bout anyfin
i like grebos as u may of gessed
by elfybob April 03, 2006
they wear baggy cloathes listen 2 slipknot or heavy metal no pop rubish
i am 1
by anja April 21, 2003
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