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a old term for british Rap Metal and indie dance in the 80's, used by indie Dance Rockers PWEI and The Gaye Bykers On Acid.
Songs that mention grebo by Pop Will Eat Itself:
Oh Grebo I Think I love You
Grebo Guru
by KamikazeDeadboy January 23, 2006
the bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence. Alongside former Coal Chamber bassist Nadja Peulen, is the hottest Bass player in the world today.
Lyn Z is hotter than jimmy.
by KamikazeDeadboy January 23, 2006
chicken tattooed, catholic school girl dressing female bassist of mindless self indulgence. quite good looking, as well.
along nadja peulen of coal chamber, lyn z is the hottest bassist today.
by KamikazeDeadboy February 07, 2006

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