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Ahh the grebo, thinks they are better then everyone else will sit on ChavScum website all day cussing and dishing people who they damm well wouldn't say jack to their faces in the streets. Look down on people who live in Council Houses, they smell wear cheap clothes listen to outdated cheap music, and just generally think they are high and mighty better then everyone else. When really they are the lower people who no one likes and they are Jelous of people who go out have fun, each Friday they will team up with their pals on ChavScum this consist of Goths, Emos, Metal Heads, and any other subculture what slits their wrists when they are down or get things chucked at them on the Bus on their way home from where ever the infested-rats have been. Cause they are not accepted simple as, the only people who will thumb me down on this definition is grebos them selfs.
<grebo> So yeah i got beat up by a chav and i hate them alll wahhhhhhhh im so crying now and wait till my friends come on ChavScum we will all talk about them but i know deep down i can't say shit to anyones face.
by TruthTeller78 August 29, 2005

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