a "butt release"

rubbing your dick in her ass crack until you cum
Yo mama gave me a greay pierre last night!
by Silky Smooth April 13, 2004
Top Definition
rubbing your schlong in her ass crack until you jizz on the small of her back
She gave me a "GREASY PIERRE" and I skeet skeet all over her back!
by Bozz Hawg April 06, 2004
almost butt fucking a chick; cock-to-ass contact without the anal penetration
Greasy Pierre! Shit, I'd rather butt fuck ya!
by Da Nastee One April 30, 2004
the second best thing to tappin dat ass
she wouldnt let me stick it in her butt but she let me giver her a greasy pierre
by Paul Thundergod May 06, 2004
stick your wang in between your woman's ass cheeks and rub it up & down until...
SKEET SKEET all over her back & ass

i love it when she gives me a greasy pierre!
by Super Guy April 13, 2004
what you call a frenchman cuz the french don't bathe
that greasy pierre stinks like he never took a bath in his life
by Nasty Nate May 07, 2004
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