Gay and Crazy

Symptoms include:
1) Constant phonecalls
2) Talking about ex-boyfriends
3) Voyeurism
4) Confessing dying love to someone just met
5) Having conversation with current lover about future lovers

According to a recent study, 70% of gay man are in fact GRAZY (My Friends)
OMG! My ex-bf is totally grazy!!!
by Kolby Roberts June 15, 2008
Top Definition
something that is great and crazy.
-That boner joke was grazy as hell!
-I love my relationship with Amelia, it's so grazy.
by GMo (gilbert &amelia) July 02, 2007
Good + Crazy: When someone is crazy in a way that isn't dysfunctional, but funny and positive.
My mom can't help but dance in public specifically to embarrass me, she's so grazy!
by AkenanM December 16, 2008

the act of constantly eating while studying causing excess weight gain (usually under severe stress)
I got so fat from grazying on candybars and cinnamon cheerios during finals week.
by nantonaku May 16, 2011
something so far beyond the definition of crazy that it's crazy to even call it crazy. also, being the most inebriated you've ever been by far.
"the time that you said that you liked to have sex with pineapples at that church luncheon was really grazy"

"i can't remember last night at all, i was so grazy."
by chileanlikeabitch March 08, 2010
What a mad cow is.

graze (To feed on growing grasses and herbage (like a cow)) + crazy (Affected with madness; insane.) = grazy
Leesa is grazy.
by shill November 26, 2003
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