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As used by Too $hort a white woman who has sexual relations with a black male.
Quote from "So International" "We knocked these grey girls from Oregon, They had a flight to catch early in the mornin' to Portland, It doesnt matter where ya from baby, We can have some fun, Maybe Me and B-La, Yea we got jungle fever But its all about the money with us We dont want ya people to think we discrimanatin' "
by Fauxreal April 26, 2004
43 19
A white girl or woman.
Let's holla at them gray girls.
by MDM January 27, 2005
14 23
White girl. White women while living in European caves didn't bathe so, they took on a grayish tinge.
Yo man I saw you bouncing that gray girl in your back seat.
by Jrock March 24, 2003
17 27
Black girl. When black girls forget to put on lotion they turn a gray color.
Yo man! That grey girl last night at the party was nasty! And you danced with her!
by Milkman April 01, 2003
7 49