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Having Anal sex for you first time
I finally got my brownbelt last night
by Jrock August 13, 2004
n. Located: Buzzard's Bay, Massachusettts. (1)Living hell; (2)people the same age as girls you dated are yelling at you; (3)where a stripper is a term used for other than a woman, and getting tapped has nothing to do with sex or kegs; (4)"Where the men are men...and the women are too!"
"Hey son, it's time to go back to MMA!"

by JRock April 21, 2005
Slang term for Psilocybe Mushrooms
Yo man i just got a O of Zooms
by Jrock August 13, 2004
Some of the most fun available
Lets snort this here cocaine, and get fuckin tweaked
by Jrock December 22, 2004
Normally a slang term referring to powdered cocaine. However, for people in the metropolitan Washington DC who don't know any better, this term is used to refer to powdered heroin, apparently because the term coke refers to crack here because it is the predominant form of cocaine found there.
"Where can I get a bag of blow around here?"
by JRock January 16, 2004
What white people smell like when they perspire.
I had to leave the concert cause the wet chickens were making me sick
by Jrock March 24, 2003
in german, the sweating resulting from sausage withdrawal
scott had been suffering from wurstschwitz ever since his personal "sausage chef", mike, moved away.
by jrock June 15, 2006

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