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When an individual or object falls due to gravity; usually implies injury (or at least that it hurt).
A: Did you just trip?
B: Yeah, just a little gravity check
by lotuspanda March 13, 2009
The term originates from hackey-sack. A gravity check is when an easily playable sack hits the ground only because it was coming down equidistant between two or more players and each player didn't make an attempt because they thought someone else would play it.

The term can also be used in business to describe a situation where nobody on the team works on a task because they think someone else must already be working on it.
Your boss emails the whole team, "Gravity check. Earlier I sent an email to all of you asking that one of you please call the client today. Did any of you actually call the client?"
by aberlickij February 23, 2009
a fall, as from a surfboard, bike, Etc
That gravity check reminded me to stay away from dangerous waves.
by Light Joker April 07, 2005
Montie: *trips and falls*
Other People: *crack up*

Elliott: Gravity Check!!
Montie: Yeah, yeah guys just checking gravity....
by KanekiIsActuallyVeryAttractive April 17, 2015
Tool used on interest-based websites to link them to for further research, information and connections.
Yo, let's just Gravity Check it!
by Gravitator April 12, 2010
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