one who diges up graves and has sex with dead people. usually they enjoy going down on them first and then having sex with them. any time you see someone taking flowers into the grave yard watch out.
what you think just because shes dead we should just break up er somethin?

you think your fresher than her?
so she dont move around, so she dont talk a lot shes still fun to be around. your just prejudice. your prejudice against dead people.
by who dat November 07, 2004
Top Definition
One who finds out dated threads that are unlocked therfore still live and adds post(s) to them often decieving other forum members into thinking the content is current.
"Did anyone notice that this thread began like 2 years ago, Grave Digger"
by Soldier4Higher January 19, 2007
a female usually between the ages of 18-26 who marry elderly men in exchange for a large inheritance.
Ex: Anna Nicole Smith's such a gravedigger, she probably showed him one of her huge knockers and he had a heart attack and died!
by raquel.w March 22, 2006
(GRAVE•digger) n. a person who repeats an ordinarily funny joke, gag or prank to the point that is tiresome. as to "bury" it.
Jen: "I was getting really sick of John constantly talking like he was in a Kung Fu movie."
Ted: "Yeah, he is a real grave digger."
by SAMMER OF THE GODS May 31, 2006
A woman, usually between the ages of 18 and 35, who seeks a "long-term" relationship with a member of the United States armed forces in hopes of receiving the soldier's death benefits when he is killed in the ongoing war.
These Craigslist ads are full of spammers, heifers and gravediggers.
by usernameinuse August 03, 2011
A person that dates or prefers an older mate. Old enough to be their parents, or even older. Usually associate with being a gold digger.
Anna Nicole Smith, that chick thats w/ Jack Nicholson, and the other chick thats w/ Woody Allen....

"I ain't saying she a grave digger, but she ain't fucking with a young nigga"..
by "LoONey" July 12, 2006
An extremely large and long penis.
He may have been big, but at least he wasn't a grave digger.
by P-Cream April 29, 2011
A person who comments on 2 year old conversations on FaceBook 2 years later. In other words, a person who dug the conversation out of the grave or BUMPed it.
*March 20, 2008*

Mark: Hi Tom, hows the cat?
Tom: Hi Mark, hes dead.

*May 14, 2010*

John: Im sorry that he died. Hope you get over it soon.

Mark: Dude that was 2 years ago.

Mark and Tom : Gravedigger.

Same as dumbasses.
by SmokedOutSchwag March 07, 2011

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