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1) used to describe somthing's small and / or inadequate stature and size.

2) a term meaning lame.
1) How am I supposed to write with this pencil, it's way to graunke!

2) Timmy's act at the talent show was rather graunke.
#small #lame #tiny #puny #shamefull
by MR. PR3Z August 25, 2009
to interject a completely random and nonsensical statement into an uncomfortable conversation for the purpose of distraction.
Girlfriend: So where are we, where do you see this relationship going?

Boyfriend: Monkey-butt cheeseburger!

Girlfriend: Don't graunke me! We need to talk about this!
#interjection #distraction #subterfuge #grunke #grunkey
by Dr. Havoc December 16, 2009
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