A character from a video by the comedy group "The Whitest Kids You Know" Also can be used as a character in the game of LARP (live action role play) The grapist powers are but not limited to; Throwing grapes into opponents mouths. Using a squirt gun filled with grape juice in his/her graping conquest, and tying down people to radiators and taking them down to basements to finnish their graping conquest. To be a Grapist one must wear all purple, preferable with a hat, in a creative way. When looking for opponent LARPers grapist much chooses ones wearing purple whenever possible (because they are asking for it). Grapist must also use funny catch phrases from the video short, such as "I'm gonna grape you in the mouth."
Dude, what character should i be for LARPing today??

like oh my god, you would make such a great grapist, i mean look at you! you're wearing purple, just asking for it!
by The Grapist of LARP July 11, 2010
Top Definition
A giant grape soda mascot who enters children's bedrooms at night and grapes them, typically in the mouth.
I'm gonna grape you in the mouth!

I'm gonna tie you kids to the radiator and grape you! I'm the grapist!

Next, I'm gonna grape your mother and your father!

Comes with a grape whistle!
by Jeffa! April 12, 2009
a huge purple monster who sodomizes thirsty children.
The Grapist sodomized j00!
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 18, 2003
A person who is dressed as a bushell of grapes for Halloween. Usually the neighborhood favorite. But watch out, the Grapist will rape you. He leaves purple stains as a trademark of his visit. Hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids, and hide yo' husbands...he grapin' eveyone out here.
We were out trick or treating last year and we saw the grapist. We were lucky enough to get away, but Jenny (dressed as a juicer) was not so lucky.
by graper November 07, 2010
A guy who dresses up in a grape costume to grape you, usually tying you to a radiator or taking your family to the basement and graping you for decades and decades. The Grapist usually has dark hair and drives a red Jeep. The Grapists mother is also a milf.
Grapist: Cmeer kids! im gonna grape ya in tha mouth!
by Tha Grapists beatch October 02, 2011
The definition of a grapist is a man or woman who sticks their fingers between a mans "grapes" and wiggles their finger. Thus raping their "grapes".
"Dude, I stuck my finger in his pants and wiggled his grapes!"

"You fucking grapist!"
by Flawl3ssTrag3dy September 07, 2011
one who eats your grapes while you're sleeping
Cassie: You were sleeping...

Chris: Yeah? . . .

(Chris notices the grapes have been eaten)

Chris: Hey! What happened to my grapes?

Cassie: Anwar ate them.

Chris: Yeah, well, he's a bloody grapist!
by darkwingppk June 16, 2010
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