A person who will never stop asking you for grapes every day no matter how often you tell them you don't have any.
The Duck in the Duck Song is a grapist
by WxAlert June 19, 2011
peeling off the grape skin to make it naked then you eat it!!!!
so did u guys have fun being a grapist today?
by martin lopez November 19, 2010
A rapist who uses fruit
Angus: Hey did you hear what happened to Will?
Rich: I have no idea
Angus: He got convicted on the charges of Grapism after what he did to Matt A with that Kiwi!
Rich: Will was a grapist? Man I hate those guys
by thelegetarius January 16, 2010
NOUN-rhymes with rapist- someone who eats grapes at the grocery store without paying for them
"Did you see that dirty hippie eating up the grapes in the produce section? That grapist!"
by Lady Natalia September 30, 2009
The Kool-Aid mascot before the big red dude.
ohhhhhhh yeaaaaah
by klein kollins janitor March 07, 2004
A serial rapist; someone who has done a whole bunch of rape.
"Did you read that thing in the paper"
"What? About the Grapist?"
by JordanAndrew March 08, 2008
One who mocks so mercilessly, they have gone beyond simple "rape" - they have graped their subject.
Oh man, FT just GRAPED that Lopert guy with that "yo momma" joke! He's such a grapist!
by Kablaam June 27, 2009

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