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a good online playing game since its a new game not everything is included so you get a major update each week . so u have to try it if u want to know what it is . link
omg grand chase is soo great but dont play it to much you will get a headache >.<
by iluvgrandchase=) March 10, 2009
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A great MMORPG created by Ntreev, a company who has already created several other sucessful games such as Trickster Online.

Grand Chase is mainly based on a group of girls who are set out to protect their continent, Bermesiah, from the terrible Kaze'aze, But later along the way comes a Spell Knight (Warrior who uses Magic also) Names Ronan and he joines the Grand Chase and their quest for peace across their world. Later moving to Ellia continent, They find Kaze'aze and defeat him only to find out it was really Lass the assasin (Hes a boy..)Who was being Manipulated by Kaze'aze so they still don't know Kaze'aze true form! After defeating all the dungeons in Ellia continent the move onto Xenia continent, Currently the hardest Continent thus far in English Grand Chase, Im not quite sure what comes on from here, but you yourself should join the chase! Join the Grand Chase! <-- Grand Chase <--- Ntreev
I heard the Grand Chase has entered our continent this morning!
by Tyler Shepherd -.- November 06, 2008
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a game about small gay boys attempting to butt fuck monsters. this game blows big hairy penis because it is mainly full of retard lesbians and horny 8 year old boys. if anyone thinks about playing this game, they obvioulsy enjoy being molested by the pope. BITCHES!!!
are you up for some grand chase

are you willing to take the popes dick?
by cameoncrackers April 17, 2010
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