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Rumble Fighter is a 2d way for the slant eyes to put their hentia fuck fests into the minds of the mentally challenged(retards) in americans. A mixture of Mortal Kombat and Hello Kitty excape from the treehouse because it is so abnomally gay. A game that should be banned in the united states for getting 11 year old boy to molest their dogs. this game is so gay that their curse filter replaces 'Fuck' with 'Rasberries' and 'Mother Fucker' with 'Juice'.

Reccomendations: This game is for the closet homos that dont have the balls to tell enyone their erotic man on man fantisies cause their balls havent dropped yet.

For fags. like you.
Marcie: Do you play Rumble Fighter

Mark: Yeah baby, i got a 8 hit combo last night.

Marcie; awwww Mark, your gay
by cameoncrackers April 17, 2010
a game about small gay boys attempting to butt fuck monsters. this game blows big hairy penis because it is mainly full of retard lesbians and horny 8 year old boys. if anyone thinks about playing this game, they obvioulsy enjoy being molested by the pope. BITCHES!!!
are you up for some grand chase

are you willing to take the popes dick?
by cameoncrackers April 17, 2010
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