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A game company that makes money out of player's money.
They literally brainwash the people ingame, and even the most self-controlled players will find themselves spending 100bucks a week on their items.
They make all their stuff so expensive and attractive and they make all the ingame, free stuff so stupid, has fail status and stuff.

The GMs are bribed, so if u ever get banned for swearing or some other things, be sure to befriend a GM.

For their marvelous support system; if you submit an enquiry to the Ntreev support system, don't expect to get a reply, the only reply some got was a sentence after some sent in to them, they got it back 6 months after.

Some facts:
1 guy spent 300bucks per month just to get items added by Ntreev, since they do maintenance almost every 2 weeks.

Expect to meet mean players ingame, some of them spent so much that their characters are so powerful that they dont even see you walking pass.
Guy 1: How much do you spend a month on Ntreev?
Guy 2: around 500bucks, once i get my monthy allowance of 10k, i'll spend 9 k to get the new items :D

Guy3:Dude, skipping your lunch?
Guy4:NO! Im just saving for the new items released by Ntreev today. It's a worthy investment :D
by WhineSomeMore June 22, 2010
An extremely greedy company that created games that were once amazing, such as Grand Chase and Trickster Online. Nothing in-game is worthy of anything bought with real money. Not pets or equipment. There are barely any pets with useful stats. They release real money items constantly that consists purely on luck. Random boxes and random stats.

What is worse is, if you want to refine your weapon for better attack power, it has a chance of breaking and you have to pay actual money to fix the item. How sad is that?
Person 1: Hey did you get that permanent kitty sprint accessory? It's the only one that speeds your walking and it's permanent, not time limited like the in-game ones. All you have to do it to get the pet from the random box.

Person 2: No, I tried the regular random boxes and the DX boxes that is supposed to higher your chances, but I just ended up with 11 swords, 9 capes, 30 hats, and 17 belts. No pet :(

Person 1: Wow those boxes costs like $3-5 USD each!


Person 1: Wow I found this level 50 sword, with 156 AP, and with 2 slots for compounding! It's awesome :)

Person 2: That's it? I bought this one in MyShop and it has 390 AP and has 4 slots.

Person 3: Wow, that's ntreev for you!
by Gamer554 January 30, 2011
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