Outstanding Musician
Amazing Guitarist
Prolific Stand Up Comedian
Renowned Ladies Man
Elite Hockey Player
Crafty Poker Player
World famous Zamboni Driver

Josh Graham
The one True...

Man, GRAMBO won a poker tourney on Thursday, played that show on Friday,hooked up w/ that sexy Katie bitch on Saturday, Scored a hat trick in his game on Sunday, and made it to work on Monday just in time to Zam for the figure skaters.
by GRAMBO420 July 07, 2010
Top Definition
Rambo's Grandmother, she is a tough fighter just like Rambo.
She's bad, she's tough, she's old, she's Grambo!
by Kurt221 December 14, 2005
fat hairy stoner guy
holy fuck look at that loser, hes such a grambo!
by Flirmy November 18, 2003
gay rambo
Hehe gay rambo, I like that :P You could shorten it and be known as "grambo" or "flambo" or something
by jagstyle October 01, 2009
gram of chron or anytin else really
yow chop me a grambo for 10
by blantus_blazah October 27, 2004
Penis sucker
stop sucking my penis grambo
by tec October 15, 2003
the original grambo, aka neil grahm from which all sub grambos were spawned
holy shit, did you see that grambo? he looks almost like the real grambo
by vin June 15, 2003
A Grambo is someone that works hard and never gives up !! They keep trying and trying !! They are tough Fighters !! If they want something they go for it !! They are very strong people !! You might think they are mean but they are nice people!! Grambos are tough people !! I wouldn't want to mess with a Grambo
" hey grambos are hard works and they are mighty strong " ! "Have u ever seen madalyn grambos grandpa he is a true Grambo and so is madalyn"!
by Mgrambo June 11, 2015
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