the act of flirting outrageously with somebody, it can become addictive. mainly used by players and ultimate legends.
orite mert you see that AJ graftin again, its like he wants to be a JAY
#flirt #juice #squeeze #piece #grab
by theulyimategrafter April 30, 2011
Nice, Epic, Cool, Awesome, Really really totally not dull and seriously in awe to all that is glorious, chill and extremely supercool.
That's Graft man! = That's nice/cool man!
I had a totally Graft time, dude! = It was epic.
#graft #nice #epic #cool #awesome #glorious
by Arnulf55 April 07, 2010
when we go out at the weekend we always graft a car stereo or sumthin to make £
twinny grafted 3 car stereo's last week an pocketed £45 quid for weed
by twinny March 29, 2005
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