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Resting Bitch-Face Syndrome. When a woman seems like she's always crampy and full of shit even when she's just sitting down doing nothing and resting, thinking about good times.
A- "That woman just gave me a death stare."
B- "Nah, that's her normal face. She's got RBFS."
by Carlo89 June 09, 2015
Used in South Africa as another word for working.
John: "How's the Grafting going?"
James: "It's all good. Man's gotto make a living"
by Carlo89 June 05, 2013
PAPSMEAR = People Against PETA's Sick Mindless Evil Attributed Road.
Kim Kardashian recently joined the PAPSMEAR movement, after a member of PETA attacked her with flour.
by Carlo89 March 24, 2012
Posting LIUWD on your status is a "subtle" way of saying "Like if u want dick". You want a someone to give you head, or shag? Post LIUWD on your status. Pick one of the girls (or guys - if you're into that sort of thing) as your status, and then she/he wants dick.... From you... So... Go... Give it to them...

Anthony on his status: LIUWD!!!

Claire: *Claire likes this*

Anthony gives dick, coz Claire liked coz she wanted dick.
by Carlo89 August 25, 2011
When people get up in a meeting and start explaining something - to avoid looking nervous they start moving their weight from side to side on their legs, and make gestures with their hands. That's called the boardroom shuffle.
***Big meeting takes place - Annie has to speak and is nervous***

Dude 1: "Yo, what is up with Annie up there? Is she having a fit up there?"

Dude 2: "I think it's just a classic case of the Boardroom Shuffle"
by Carlo89 February 28, 2013
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