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AKA: Greg Fields - Professional Starcraft 2 Gamer. Noob Starcraft 2 Gamer called him "Grack" in a ladder match, and has become a common joke amongst the Starcraft 2 community, notably Team Liquid (forums / Pro Gaming community)
Hi Grack! - "It's greg..."
by MoFunk October 20, 2010
391 186
The synthetic drug, crack, obtained from one's grandmother or grandfather, usually after doing a good job on chores for the day.
After I washed the poo stains out of my granny's massive underwear, she gave me some a small baggie of grack,and I smoked it with my dog, Speckles.
by PHenk August 14, 2006
39 132
A combination of gray and black; similar to dark gray
I like to wear neutral colors like white, tan, and grack.
by dapillow March 29, 2009
10 110