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how a british chap would say governor
"Ello govna!"
by superstudentG October 02, 2002
Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian term for feces, shit, or poo. "Govna" is plulral, whereas "Govno" is singular. Can be used as a simple noun refferring to feces, or as an insult to something/someone.
aj, nagazio si u govna
"oh, u stepped in some shit"
svi ovi novi filmovi su govna
"all these new movies are shit"
by Mario B December 17, 2004
An expression for your friend. It is equivalent to Wody, Cuz, Son, Bwoy, Shaggi, Dawg.
What up, gov'na?
A'ight gov'na peace.
by Zach King September 26, 2003
Pile-of-shit in Serbian.
Svi ste vi govna! (You are all shit!)
by Demonic July 27, 2003
another word for a croatian.
Mars te u picku materinu
by CCCC July 30, 2003
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