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A gottie is when you roll two Dutches(cause thats what we smoke on the east coast) into one fat and very long blunt by connecting them at each end with the second dutches outter leaf.
Gotties usually consist of at least three grams of danc nugs or more.
Robbie- yo did you see that blunt devin rolled last man?!

Brandon- Yeah man it was a fucking gottie. Man that kid knows how to roll a good dutch.
by DCanny July 18, 2008
A devoted fan of the Game of Thrones television series or A Song of Fire and Ice novels on which the tv series is based.
Jon is a major Gottie. He has read all of the A Song of Fire and Ice novels and watched all of the Game of Thrones episodes twice. He can even quote the show.
by lbkgirl March 30, 2014
Gottie (Got-e)- to pull off a prank, or to decieve someone or trick someone
You:"want this?" (putting your hand towards their face with your thumb, index,pinky,and ring finger touching slightly)
by Reefmann January 20, 2009
A cross between a geek and a hottie!
"He's a gottie!" or "She's a gottie!"
by The Princess Tam Tam December 02, 2009
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