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Gottie (Got-e)- to pull off a prank, or to decieve someone or trick someone
You:"want this?" (putting your hand towards their face with your thumb, index,pinky,and ring finger touching slightly)
by Reefmann January 20, 2009
True Liberation, most think of to be chaotic and awful, most people havent any idea what True Anarchy is.nor do i, but my opinion on Anarchy unlike most is liberation in which is freedom and i believe that Anarchy will tear us apart..only because of humans and how we all think so differently...as to where some believe that the government is good and liberates us, but in all reality our government is what locks us up and starts war b/c their bored...
Anarchy is pandemonic in most people's eyes...but the people who believe are the people that define. just like the people who believe in God...if there were Followers of God...to our minds..he would have never existed
by Reefmann January 20, 2009

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