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1.word used instead of goodness,Oh my gosh,or Oh my God
2.a word when u have nothin to say and want to say something random
Bob:They found drugs in Bobba's locker
Jazmine:My Goshness!
by YESSi R. July 27, 2005
goshness \ˈgäsh- nəs\
1. interjection, euphemism for likeness to God, —used as a mild oath or to express surprise or irritation.

2. used when one is frustrated or fed up. can be used as a substitute or in addition to "gosh" "geez" "shit" "damn" etc.

3. the state of being "gosh" or "god" hence, "goshness"

ex 1-
me: ugh, i totally just flunked my history test, goshness.

person 1: and so then he said she was a bitch!
person 2: "goshness! what was he thinking?"
by biology girl April 03, 2008
an expression used to express dissaproval or being annoyed at ones action.
Kim: Leyla!, my parents found the beer cans in my room!
Leyla: Goshness Kim!, your parents will now tell my parents about that and now we wont be able to chill
Kim: I know this is the biggest "goshness" moment ever.
by lzdubbz_69 January 18, 2011