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used to describe a goofy looking or strangley featured person
Hey did you see that guy? He was probbably the gordiest looking dude in the universe.
by skrilla June 17, 2003
A word from Campbell River used instead of cocaine. Don't ask why, they're from The Riv, they don't know better.
Hey they have Gordy at the party!
That ho just did a big line of Gordy
by Grim April 01, 2005
gordy, the gordy, gordys, gordy's all names for Gordy's Camera Straps; a "Mom and Pop" business that creates hand made straps for cameras and tripods. They are found around the world, and are referred to in many camera related blogs.

There is a "rogues gallery" on tumblr with some strapsnaps
I just got the latest gordy in black with red thread. I'm getting a neck strap next for my Leica - clean lines, so retro.
by zoe the qat November 30, 2011
a season ticket holder that is visible during every broadcast of the Boston Red Sox, seated to the left of umpire. Or any season ticket holder repeatedly visible during home broadcasts of any sports team. Named for resemblence to a gym teacher/coach.
Man, that guy is there again tonight, he is such a Gordy!
by grimhenry January 11, 2011
A soda can that has been half emptied and filled with alcohol. Coke and Rum is the most popular combination.
Just make a gordy to hide the fact that you're getting trashed at the church picnic.
by btshaffer April 26, 2010
A term for a Canadian, usually used in a negative way. This term is most commonly used in Buffalo to describe Canadians
Those damn gordies can't drive!

Brett is a fucking gordy.
by BuffaloGal246 January 09, 2012
adjective or noun:
GORDY: a derogatory description used to degrade a person, place, thing, and even ideas. However, it is most often unbeknownst to the recipient.
ie: Gordy bitch; Gordy bike; Gordy shoes...etc.
Anything that you think is shitty, just simply add "gordy".
You can also refer it as Gordified.
ie: This is a gordified garage.
hahaha....look at that fat, nasty ass gordy-bitch.
by n/a October 17, 2003
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