A penis in a suit.

He stands erected in the House of Commons, fucked the economy, and pretty much the whole country, but can't be fucked back.
Bill : "Look, Genitals Brown is on the TV again"

Jon : "You mean Gordon Brown?"

Bill : "Uh.. Yea, Genitals Brown"
by Richi Rich July 21, 2009
looks like a sad face drawn on a scrotum (also see my def of government
gordon brown is ugly and can't run our country right :p
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 22, 2009
A Bacterial Infection of the Nervous system. This disease can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or taxing and affects mostly supporters of the British labour party. People suffering from this infection will look and feel very lethargic; in later stages the person may begin to lose money in large amounts. To reduce chance of infection, avoid contact with infected people and vote for somebody else.
1: I feel really tired.
2: S**t, maybe you have Gordon Brown!
1: What should I do?
2: you should rest for a while and then things will only get better.
by mvuroi849urevvdfdvfffvdfvv October 03, 2009
A cunt who hates everyone and everything especially working class people, jobs, successful economies and democracy. Also,a typical inhabitant of scotland.
by laharl420 April 29, 2010
the leader of the u.k
who got into the postion of PM by chance who couldnt win an election if he cured cancer solved world hunger and got rid of communsim he always wanted to be a PM and when he finaly did get the place he fucked it up like the way the germans fucked up ww2
boy1.Hey i just found out gordon browns my dad
boy2.Why are you telling me this?
boy1.Because iam going to go hang myself now

by hi my names bob April 15, 2010
When driving, you wave someone through with a smile when really you're swearing at them under your breath for not letting you pass.
That was a Gordon Brown!
by Labour lover May 05, 2010

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