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Fat dickhead who's the prime minister of Britain who needs to be shot.
Hey, save some of Gordon Brown's flab for me!
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
Unelected Prime Minister of the UK who became PM by some kind of divine appointment and proceded to hand over any power left in the country to a load of unelected sharks in the EU. When he was chancellor, Brown squandered money like it was going out of style. He wasted billions on illegal invasions, stupid pet projects like the Dome, employing a legion of civil servants and quangos, and sold Britain's gold reserves when the value of gold was at an all-time low. He ended up taxing everyone to death and raiding pensions. Basically he has always wanted the job of PM, isn't bothered in the slightest if he has no idea of what he's supposed to do. Now the likes of Milliband are sharpening their knives, waiting to steal his crown, but to be honest he has nothing to worry about. His party is just a collection of gutless no-hopers who between them couldn't run a bath.
If I was a parent or teacher and I saw Gordon Brown coming towards the school playground grinning that grin of his I think I'd call the police.
by Stormsworder August 26, 2008
A one eyed Scottish idiot.
"In England we've got this one eyed Scottish idiot........." - Jeremy on Gordon Brown
by John Murff February 11, 2009
fat Scot who Was chancellor of the exchequer but now sits under the title of Priminister, much to the bewilderment of the Brittish people. Dubya's new lapdog.
(Gordon Brown): Cannea suck yer cock noo, Mr Bush?
by 21stcentrybriton999 December 02, 2007
George bush' s fuck buddy.
Wont be happy until every bank account has a standing order into his account.
Gordon brown Robs the poor to give to the rich
by ash182 March 14, 2008
bush's new poodle used to take over the world
Tony Blair had to leave so George W Bush has a new lapdog named gordon brown in his quest to take over the world
by govhater July 30, 2007
How a asian person says "golden Brown"
owwwhh MR miyagi your dim sims is a ruvly shade of gordon Brown .


MR foo manchu ,your dim sims must be gordon brown before you take them out of the deep frier.
by B Stokes March 04, 2008