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(adj) gay, either seriously homosexual or just lame/uncool, to be used around people who are opposed to casual use of the word "gay"
(noun) a person who is gay or someone you just don't like, alternative to faggot, etc.
(verb, to gopher-hole) to have gay sex
(adj) Man, that workout today was so gopher, we swam like 6300 yards.
(noun) Look at that gopher with the nose ring and the tight pants, I'll bet he likes men.
(verb) Don't bother Alex and Teale, they're over in the other room gopher-holing each other.
by Jesse Janko April 27, 2008
2 15
something unsightly, the penis
That kid had a big gopher.
by yoyofosho October 29, 2003
9 22