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2 definitions by ThatMoleFaSho

Basically the equivalent of being dicked out. Generally used as a verb, though can be used otherwise while intoxicated. Usually mistaken for "mold out" by the uninitiated. Can sometimes be followed by random statements that describe how moled out it is, such as: "to the fullest", "to the max", "to the core", etc.
mole 1) Yo nigga what happened to that blunt?
mole 2) We smoked that bitch hours ago man...
mole 1) Maaaaan thats fucking moled out to the max
mole 2) To the core?
mole 1) Dual core nigga.
by ThatMoleFaSho March 11, 2008
1337 way of saying Go For It.
mole 1) You think i should paint that shit?
mole 2) Gopher it nigga dont be scared.
mole 1) fasho
by ThatMoleFaSho March 11, 2008