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6 definitions by Fowzilla

A diggidydoo is one who is your buddy, that you are trying to get the attention of, especially when partially incapacitated. See also: buddyboo
Yo, diggidydoo, are you listening to me?
I'm talking to you!(Punch). Oh, now you're listening.
by Fowzilla November 20, 2003
7 2
One from Moosup, who is your buddy. Often used when one is under the influence of marijuana. Also used to intimidate others during intense competition.
Me and my cousin are playing Playstation:
me: Dude, I'm gonna kick your ass
cousin:Listen, Buddyboo, I'm the best at this game, I can't be touched.
me: you're probably right.
by Fowzilla November 20, 2003
5 5
An evil disease that was delivered to mankind via the gopher, who are slaves to their evil monkey masters.
George showed up at my front door with a package. He was itching himself(a symptom of monkey pox) so I killed him and blew up the package.
by Fowzilla November 25, 2003
5 9
A small rodent that thrives by stealing bull testicles and selling them as rocky mountain oysters.
Billy Bob:those damn weasels got to my new bull this mornin'
Jethro: Oh really?
Billy Bob: Yup, stole his cahoneys right out from underneet him.
Jethro: those damn weasels!
by fowzilla December 04, 2003
9 14
An evil rodent that spreads the evil monkey pox disease. They have sold their souls to their satanic leaders- the monkeys- in exchange for eternal dominion over their arch nemesis: the weasels.
I bought a gopher at the petshop. Then I contracted monkey pox and died.
by Fowzilla November 25, 2003
16 26
A noun that can replace almost any word.
Often used with incoherent, slurred speech.See also:buddyboo,diggidydoo
There are many different ways to use this word:
1. Gimme the damn splifbambadoo before I beat your ass!
2. That was one smelly splifbambadoo.
by Fowzilla November 20, 2003
5 17