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Goot is a synonym for a mans Penis. This word had its origin in 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA at a local private school in the Bethel Park PA area. Other synonymous words include: pecker, richard cranium, Dick Head , cock, monkey, little peter, johnson, free willie, the bone dancer, shlong, dong, wiener, he pussy, Mangina.
Ex. All the ladies love my goot.
by Darth Bader February 18, 2008
14 25
I better way of saying good.
Goot Goot
by Anne W. October 23, 2003
119 50
a fabulously brilliant fellow who is also a devoted friend.
When you're down and out, call Goots.
by stillme November 17, 2007
27 14
Verb: Gooting or to goot is the action of licking your nipples.

This usually is done by woman but can also be done by fat or very flexible men.
I bet Brittany goots, she looks flexible.
by m.a.d June 01, 2014
0 0
A unclean or dirty pussy
Hey gurllll lemme see dat goot
by Christian Fairweather March 14, 2014
1 1
Verb: The act of spraying milk out of ones mouth because of the inability to swallow.
Aaron: Here dude have some milk.

Jonah: (Coughs and sprays milk everywhere)

Aaron: Ahh dude you just Gooted all over my wall and computer screen.
by Aaron1570 July 02, 2012
7 7
A different way of calling someone a faggot. Making light of a spelling mistake "Fagoot"
1. "So I hear Jim got the "polo horse tattoo" on his pecs."
2. "What a goot."
by Ripper H March 24, 2013
4 5
noun, describes any undesirable part(s) of a whole, object or system.
"I just need to remove the goots and this flux capacitor should work just fine",
"Once I take the goots off of this dresser it will look great in the bedroom"
by X3nolith September 18, 2012
2 3