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When you smoke some high quality marijuana and pwn noobs all night on your intense gaming rig. Often in these situations you end up playing the same server over and over again each night, after it gets placed into your favourites tab.

If you ever get really goondued that would involve a situation where all or most of the players on that same server you play start to get pissed cause you are pwning them so much. In addition, a random player usual will type something like "Yo guys im so high" or "I'm smoking this beast ass WhiteRino kush crossed with purlehaze" in the chat window. If all the players on the opposite team have left the game or switched onto your team in an attempt to not ruin their ranks and there is practically no one on the opposite team except for maybe a few afks then you're practically gooned out and should take an epic food break.
Me: "Bro what are you saying tonight?"

Brother: "After getting home from work, I'm getting goondued."

Me: "Aigh just don't get to goondued like that last goonfest."
by Goondued September 28, 2011
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