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to be both disrespectful and absolutely random.
teacher: so the lesson today is
kid2: dude,that was irrevelant.
kid1: ...what?

multiple detentions ensue
by shadofknight December 25, 2007
Contrary to popular belief,this word actually exists and has the meaning of not revealing any piece of information(there is also the case of not revealing information someone is interested in).It is often times taken as a mistake,an incorect form of the word irrelevant,which means talking about a subject completely different of a given one.This happens due to people not knowing of nor accepting the ease words can be created with,although a lexical analysis reveals the existence of the two as completely different words with completely different meanings.
My teacher has been totally irrevelant with me about the results of the exams.
by alahal August 14, 2014

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