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When you smoke some high quality marijuana and pwn noobs all night on your intense gaming rig. Often in these situations you end up playing the same server over and over again each night, after it gets placed into your favourites tab.

If you ever get really goondued that would involve a situation where all or most of the players on that same server you play start to get pissed cause you are pwning them so much. In addition, a random player usual will type something like "Yo guys im so high" or "I'm smoking this beast ass WhiteRino kush crossed with purlehaze" in the chat window. If all the players on the opposite team have left the game or switched onto your team in an attempt to not ruin their ranks and there is practically no one on the opposite team except for maybe a few afks then you're practically gooned out and should take an epic food break.
Me: "Bro what are you saying tonight?"

Brother: "After getting home from work, I'm getting goondued."

Me: "Aigh just don't get to goondued like that last goonfest."
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by Goondued September 28, 2011
A gamer who typically plays games online often and behaves like a goon in them.

player1 "DuuuuUUDe WTF hax?"

player2 "Actually this kid plays here all day."

gamergoon "Yeah you just got pwned cause your a nub thats all."

player1 "Lol I got gooned I guess."

gamergoon "Yup"
#goon #gamer #gooned #gooning online #onlinegame #games #gaming online #gooning #gooned out #goons
by Goondued October 16, 2011
A very gooned out dream. A dream where you awake with it fresh in your mind, stunned. The dream involves a creative environment where you feel threatened, curious, and extremely self-aware. Many obstacles throughout a goonream will reflect past life experiences with a distorted depiction. The individuals you interact with are people you know in real life, perhaps acquaintances you've lost contact with.
Me: Wow I just had the craziest dream. So intense, I felt like I learned something from it.

Girlfriend: Oooo tell me about it! Sometimes that helps you remember it better.

Me: Okay I will. I consider this a goonream. Just too abstract from a dream I usually have.
#dream #abstract #fantasy #goon #gooned #gooner #crazy #fun #intense #random #unusual
by Goondued December 14, 2011
That "buzz" feeling you get after continuous hours of study. It involves no alcohol yet you feel drunk. You may find yourself slurring over words by either talking to fast or trying to cram too many creative words into a single sentence.
After Peter finished his 2,000 word essay, his speech was scrambled due to absorbing to much information.

Peter: Ooooomg that was one extensively long anti procrastinatory operation I just executted in one fortieth of a fortnight; my rambunctiousness iss sureely exponentially increassing due to my compromisable nature. Glivin!

Sarah: Peter are you intellectually drunk again?

Peter: Positive.
#drunk #words #intelligent #smart #study #work #alcohol #drink #drank #cramming #studying
by Goondued November 08, 2011
A very drunken raccoon. Rarely to be found in the wild due to the scarcity of alcohol there. Goon coons usually live in sub urban areas looking for trash bins and open leftover alcohol to get into.
Lowell: Whoa look at that raccoon! I was going to chase him away but it couldn't run straight.

Fred: Dude that’s a goon coon! You shouldn't have left your beer in the garage dude.

Lowell: What? My beer! Damn goon coons!
#coon #goon #raccoon #drunk #drinking #animal #wild animal #wild #alcohol #gooned
by Goondued November 08, 2011
Aquired by ingesting marijuana approximately every day over the course of 4 years.

Many users of cannabis will ingest it for longer periods of time, hence persuing a cannabis degree at the Masters or PhD level.
Tim: I think it is time I rapped things up and stopped living high.

Mark: Wow are you really deciding to change? Quitter...

Tim: Ugh, I'm doing this because it's for the best of society, my family, and peers. Not because I want to. The high life is the higher life which only some individuals who have high intelligence and confidence can obtain while high.

Mark: So you're settling with only a Bachelor of Cannabis?

Tim: Yes
#marijuana #cannabis #trees #hash #quiter #bachelor #injest #kush #skunk #hemp #marijuana culture
by Goondued November 05, 2011
A procedure involving awkward moments, and foolish but creative socially cunning comments designed to make all others focus their attention on you because your ability to gain a crowds attention has surpassed all others.
Goon: A large piece of scrap metal just bonked me on the head cause I think that girl just hypnotized me with that sexy smile lets enjoy some foosball and beer bong. Yyyyyeah!

Zacky: HAHA so true yo, I don't understand but damn you make a good point.

Goon: Its goonition, you fell for it.
#gooning #gooners #gooned #goondude #party #social #awkward #comments #crowd #people
by Goondued November 04, 2011
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