One that is different from others and has a goonie complex. Dale Johnson. The men in malls who try to starighten your hair. The "badass" kids in 90's movies like Jack Black in The Never Ending Story and many others.
The man playing the accordian and hopping about is a big goon.
by Jenna Johnson May 06, 2007
A person with poor social skills and a limited abillity to interact with other people.

Someone you would rather not have to spend any length of time with.
Shut up Frosty you goon.
Are the goons coming to the pub tonight?
by tobias July 14, 2004
When a friend texts you Goon in which refferiing you to Go On xbox and play Call of Duty MW2
by Skoal Patrol 21 August 06, 2010
1)Someone who has to be better than everyone else; usually in games, video games.
2) Has no idea of what they are doing and are acting slightly retarded. (Also annoying)
(1) Tom: Hey guys!
Sup tom!
Tom: Guys I just totally got my teir seven! Hahaha! Im so pwning you noobs!
Rob: You're such a goon. . .
(2) Tom: Uh guys I dont know how to do this....Help?
Tom: Help!! HELPPPPPPPPPP guysssssssss help meeeeeeeee

by worldofwarcraftpwnsyouall December 02, 2008
A Goon is somebody who is a hired thug, that might slang drugs, hurt somebody they got beef with, but usually to get that green!!
Person A: Aye nigga that liquor store was robbed by a goon my nigga
Person B: I know Homebwoi dem niggas be hittin licks all night long nigga
by G.C. Pilla August 15, 2008
A group of indescript people who are ordered around, or look up to an individual (Goon/s). Can also be used to describe a person who is sociall inadequate. Lastly, a colloquial term for hired thugs/goons.
I'll get my goons to come to the party, you getting your cronies?

Look at that goon over there, he's such a loser...

Some goons broke johnny's legs!
by Ivory Dragon May 07, 2005
Australian slang: cheap wine, port, sherry or other fortified wine products. really, really cheap, and usually rough :)

the word is a corruption of the 'flagon' (very large glass bottle) such products were/are sold in. although you'd usually buy it in casks these days, flagons still exist especially for port and sherry.
arrrgh, mate, that goon we got our hands on last night really did some damage...
by periwinkle January 11, 2005

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