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A phrase meaning "yes." Coined by Willie James Huff, better known as Funky Chicken and Alah Rackbar.
Waco: "Willie, you kinda spit when you talk, man."

Willie: "That's that's that's the Holy Spirit. I don't spit it."

Waco: "So, that's the Holy Spirit spitting on you?"

Willie: "Automatically systematic."
#willie james huff #rack em rack #georgia #damn show #alcoholism
by MofistolRobinson March 25, 2009
To finish the remainder of an alcoholic drink as quickly as possible. Can often lead to camaraderie and intoxication.
Person 1: Bottoms!
Person 2: Dern man, I'm already pretty hemingway as it is.
#bottoms up #alcohol #beer #drunk #hemingway
by MofistolRobinson December 19, 2008
noun- a person who just does not give a damn

verb- to behave in a way that displays the fact that one is a goon
1. After Rodney's main bitch quit him, he quit giving a damn, and, in doing so, became a goon.

2. Jermaine stood up at work and walked out the damn door. He was straight goonin'.
#goon #goonin #gooning #goon life #goon swag
by MofistolRobinson March 30, 2012
a carbonated beverage composed of two parts Sunkist and one part Mountain Dew. refreshingly delicious in the summertime.
Surveyor 1: Lawsy me, I'm parched.

Surveyor 2: Do like me. Getcha a Surveyors' Delight.
#sunkist #mountain dew #summer #surveyor's delight #summertime
by MofistolRobinson January 28, 2009
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