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One word encompassing the expression, "dude, that is lame." Meant to be said with a deadpan face, followed by a quick topic change before the lame-o can explain his dumbass comment.
Erkel: I think I need to go to Homie Camp.
Busta: Goom.
Erkel: What I meant was...
Busta: See that Laker game last night?
by Surf Dodger June 09, 2003
8 20
mushrooms e.i. shrooms
i was tripping cause i took some gooms.
by gwenstefaniissex June 30, 2005
148 37
"goom" is slang used for magic mushrooms.
"those gooms fucked with my head and i thought the aliens were coming."

"My parents were PISSED when i came home on gooms. They weren't mad that i was tripping on gooms, they were mad because i ate the dog."
by itssean July 07, 2009
70 20
One excelling in stupidity
Jeff was giving his dog a chocolate tea bag bandit mask when it bit his nuts off - what a fucking goom.
by Jimmy Goomface August 10, 2007
53 40
A slang term for magic mushrooms
Other terms: goomies, goomers, goomed-out, gooming-balls.
1. "Bro......... I'm totally gooming-balls right now.....

2. "Me too man, these gooms are fuckin nuts.
by Joey........ October 27, 2013
7 1
When someone has huge gums.
Her gooms are so big, they practically take up her whole mouth.
by Petco Nuts are awesome April 18, 2014
2 1
To have rhythm and drum very very well. After the very talented rock n roll drummer Matt Goom. Matt Goom has played drums with Glen Hughes, Chad Smith and now with The Quireboys.
That guys got Goom man. He is a true Rock N Roller!
by Tait Pollack May 30, 2011
7 6
Get Out Of Metal
Guy 1: Dude, you should check out Slipknot, they're my favorite metal band ever!
Guy 2: GOOM
by Cataclysmical January 05, 2010
22 21