One word encompassing the expression, "dude, that is lame." Meant to be said with a deadpan face, followed by a quick topic change before the lame-o can explain his dumbass comment.
Erkel: I think I need to go to Homie Camp.
Busta: Goom.
Erkel: What I meant was...
Busta: See that Laker game last night?
by Surf Dodger June 09, 2003
To be attacked from multiple directions. Usually in which you are horribly massacred.
Dude , those orcs just goomed me!
by Alucard Bloodlust April 27, 2005
A friend's honest attempt to get a buddy to change topics because he's not aware that his wife is coming up right behind him.
Sal- "So she took my Seahawk hat and put it on, and her tits were just hanging there when..."
Sid- "Goom! Goom!"
Sal- "And I was thinking that my wife hasn't been on any romantic vacations in a while and I thought, 'what a treat'.
by Another Dodger fan. June 16, 2003
1. An expression meaning "suck my dick". The proper use of this word is accompanied with a hand motion as if one is holding his penis and directing it toward the other persons mouth. To be pronounced properly one should drag the word out as long as possible. This is best achieved as the other person is yawning.
Friend "Man, I'm tired" (yawns)

by Josey Whales November 06, 2006
To be called a homosexual, to call someone a homosexual, also a person who likes furries.
Hey, dude, you're goom, now fuck off and die because I hate little gooms.
by killkount June 03, 2006
1. anything that is that is good. delicious.

usually used when refering to food/drinks, but acceptable to use when describing anything.
1. Mmmmm, this burger is wicked goom!

2. Tim: "J, check out the blonde at four o'clock, she's goom"
James: "true that"
Tim: "Double true"

by TChamp April 25, 2006
The pink flesh that surrounds your teeth.
Cripes, he has some slattern, nasty-ass gooms.
by Sam Gooms June 15, 2003

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