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Result of a deception or fraud.
Dude 1: Check out this DVD player I just got, this guy sold it to me for $150.

Dude 2: They're selling that at Costco for $40. You got gooked, man.
by Robrandt May 03, 2006
The result of consuming copious amounts of alcohol; Drunk.
The boys drank so much beer last night, they were gooked!
by C.W. February 17, 2005
The name for the buzzing head high you get when smoking tobacco, mainly a hookah.
"This hookah is hitting so right, I'm gooked!
by D2Barrett August 28, 2012
To drop off a mexican or spanish orphan at a persons house while there not there. Then you come back when the person gets home and give him adoption papers and run out of there.
Man, I just pissed Wilis off so bad, I gooked him good.
by Wilis Howarth September 08, 2006
To Gook, or if you gook someone means they've been gooked! Or you have gooked someone.

It is sucking their balls.
I saw what happened, you gooked that donkey!
by MAYTEMAYTERSON March 04, 2009