Rubbery pieces of cartilage on chicken legs and wings that are unpleasant to bite into. Also anything icky looking, or texturally unpleasant that is a natural part of meat, especially poultry.
Ewww! You just ate a googly!
by King Quacky October 14, 2011
when a couple are showing an excess amount of affection for eachother.
jim and susan are always like i love you, i love you too poo bear, they are so googly.
by meg cruz June 22, 2006
A gesture one makes to display one's utter disapproval or disgust with something a nearby girl has just done...or because she is ugly.

The gesture includes distorting one's face and extending an arm partially out, palm up, and pointing awkwardly.
I totally had to googly her after that last comment.
Dude, that chick is so fat and ugly, she almost deserves a double googly.
by Gracie Chi May 10, 2008
Naive people who are overly nice for no reason. They are not likely to comprehend sarcasim and will most likely not realize your making fun of them.
It is hard to have a converstaion with googly people.
by Maddy3 April 23, 2007
Eggs that have been boiled for 3-5 minutes, with the tops cut of after cooking. Best served with buttered toast, cut into the shape of "Soldiers"
Mum, I'm feeling fucking aweful, how bout you wip up some googly eggs.
by Factgiver August 11, 2007
also known as the popular search network
I'm gonna go to the computer and do the googly!
by Agentz February 09, 2008
Awkard or weird, of a strange or odd origin.
These cheetos taste googly.
by tam datson April 09, 2004
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